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Where are Don, Mike and Buzz now?

Saturday 29th, August, 2015
This pleases me greatly!

James has sent in ~270 (6.3GB) self edited Elvis shows and other miscellaneous files including the Beatles Christmas albums. I will find a proper home for them on the site over the next couple months, but in the meantime they can be found here: http://paintyourbaldspot.com/mp3s/Elvis_misc_08292015/ Thanks James. We PYBS fans are forever in your debt!

Wednesday 19th, March, 2014
Radio God Don Geronimo joins RELM Network

(Sacramento CA) . Legendary broadcaster Don Geronimo will launch his latest (and greatest) show, days from now, on the world's fastest-growing podcast outlet, The RELM Network.

The Don Geronimo Show will be presented live, Monday through Friday, starting in early April, at www.DonGeronimoPodcast.com. The exact launch date will be announced soon. A recorded version of the show will be available on that website, shortly after each live show ends.

The cast includes Don Geronimo, co-host Drew Hoffar, their sidekick, Joe Ardinger and features regular appearances by longtime pal and newsman Buzz Burbank.

The show will be available by subscription only.in monthly, quarterly and annual packages, with a discount for early subscribers. Details are available at www.DonGeronimoPodcast.com.

As changes in the radio industry continue to disappoint listeners, Geronimo looks forward to doing the show he's always wanted to do, without interference from corporate radio executives or the FCC rules that quashed the medium's spontaneity and fun.

Longtime listeners especially won't want to miss the show's opening week, in which Geronimo will talk about the events that.and people who.led him to do this podcast.

"Fun, laughs and paybacks," Geronimo tweeted recently.

Burbank, who will panel on the show and bring bits of his news, worked with Geronimo nearly thirty years in their days at CBS Radio. Burbank will continue his daily newscast at www.BuzzBurbank.com. He is a partner in, and co-founder of, The RELM Network, along with Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser.

With the addition of The Don Geronimo Show, The RELM Network now features 17 shows, including Buzz Burbank News and Comment, The Kirk McEwen Show, The Marc & Lowell Show, plus shows focusing on gaming, the arts, interviews, sports, politics.left and right.and more at www.RELMNetwork.com.

RELM plans continued growth, adding even more broadcast favorites, and promising new talent, with a focus on diversity.

-Marc Ronick

The RELM Network

Wednesday 16th, October, 2013
Don has left the building - Don and Mike reunion?

Don announced today that he will be leaving KHTK and moving out of Sacramento, CA. Both Don and Mike, separately, have hinted at a big announcement in the near future. Don stated his future plans will be posted on his twitter: @DonGeronimoShow and Mike said there will be an announcement at the upcoming O'MEARACON 2013 in November. I'm just speculating here, but could this mean a Don and Mike reunion? Check out the buzz on the Big O and Dukes Show, The Mike O'Meara Show and the PaintYourBaldSpot facebook page.

Saturday 1st, June, 2013
291 *New* Segs 2005

I found and uploaded all of May 2005 (291 *new* segs). Enjoy! http://paintyourbaldspot.com/?action=2005

Friday 15th, February, 2013
The Mike OMeara Show 2008 - 2009

For anybody who is looking for The Mike OMeara Show on WJFK, the files can be found here! Thanks a million Jake B. for sharing these shows.

Saturday 2nd, February, 2013
RIP Belcher - The World of Don and Mike will miss you!

I had somewhat of a personal relationship with The Belcher. He was kind enough to let me post some of his calls from the D+M show on PaintYourBaldSpot.com. He was supportive of the site and we had many great conversations and I considered him a great online friend. R.I.P. Frank Kuleba.

P.S. He loved that beach - so guess he was in his happy place when he passed. Damn it! Is it to early to start drinking!

Cove Island death ruled accidental:
PYBS RIP Belcher

For the most complete list of calls from The Belcher - check out his ReverbNation page:
PYBS RIP Belcher

Tuesday 13th, November, 2012
The PaintYourBaldSpot.com Podcast

Hey Everyone! I recently started podcasting (The Drinking Show / http://thedrinkingshow.com/) and since starting this show I've had many fellow podcasters and friends come on and more often than not we find ourselves reminiscing about The Don and Mike Show. So that got me thinking - what about a podcast about Don and Mike? Not exactly sure about the format or if it would be weekly, monthly, etc yet but I figure we could discuss our favorite memories of the show, our favorite calls, answer questions and WHATNOT. I got a great studio here and people can interact via Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Ustream, etc. What do you think? Send me your ideas or feedback about a PaintYourBaldSpot.com Podcast Thanks!

Tuesday 23rd, October, 2012
More Links to Don and Mike Resources on the Web Posted

6 new links (mainly featuring Don, Tom and Dennis) posted to the Links to Don and Mike Resources on the Web page. Thanks Norm W.!

Friday 6th, July, 2012
New Page Added - Links to Don and Mike Resources

Hey PYBS Fans! I have added a new page Links to Don and Mike Resources This new page has links to Don and Mike Resources on the web. Most of these have been sent in by PYBS users. Feel free to send in your D+M links/resources: mcfadone Thanks and Enjoy!

Monday 7th, May, 2012
Check this show out guys. Not only are the hosts huge D&M fans but they have a great show!

Your "boy" the Paint Your Bald Spot webmaster (and The Drinking Show host) makes an appearance on Broken Link Radio with Bradley C. Baker to discuss Don and Mike: Broken Link Radio

Friday 23rd, March, 2012
PYBS gets mention on KHTK's website

Friday 2nd, March, 2012
Finally the Archive is Complete (seriously this time)

I have uploaded complete shows for all of 2006. 2006 partial shows have always been on PYBS. 181 new files ~4.2gb total. Enjoy!

Friday 27th, January, 2012
WAVA Tapes circa 89/90

Please enjoy the nearly 12 hours of "new" clips/shows. Joe D. has provided, edited and categorized this new material very nicely. Thanks! Joe D.

Friday 20th, January, 2012
Finally the Archive is Complete!!!

I finally finished uploading all the Don and Mike material I have. Most of it is under a new category Uncategorized...Pete Johnson, 93-99 and undated material. I also uploaded the end of 1999 and the beginning 2000. Enjoy!

Friday 13th, January, 2012
2004 Uploaded!

Hello PYBS Fans! I have uploaded all of the 2004 shows - 279 files (7.33gb). Let me know if anything is broken. Enjoy!

Friday 13th, January, 2012
New Search Feature and Show Recaps

I have added over 1850 show recaps to the individual shows. These recaps cover the whole history of the Don and Mike show: 1985 to 2008. Additionally, I have added a new search feature "Search Show Recaps" that will allow you to search these 1850+ recaps. This should make finding the show your looking for much easier. The show recaps are used with permission from: http://www.jollinger.com/dnm/. To view the complete list of show recaps added to PYBS click here. Thanks http://www.jollinger.com/dnm/!!! PYBS Fans Enjoy!

Friday 13th, January, 2012
Thanks for all the comments on PYBS archives.

I want to send a special thanks to Jables, D&M Fan and all people who frequently comment on the show archives. Your comments, over 1500, are great and help link shows with nondescript filenames to something more useful! To search comments posted by PYBS visitors use the "Search Show Comments" search function on the top right-hand corner on any PYBS page.

Friday 25th, November, 2011
Become a Fan of the new PaintYourBaldSpot.com Fan Page on Facebook

Hello Friends! Facebook has deleted the original Larry "PaintYourBaldSpot" King facebook page. No worries, I have created a new Fan Page. Click and like the new page, post on the wall and tell a friend to do the same. Thanks!

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