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1 - 050800.mp3
Mon May 8, 2000: Rita Stops the Show
Don's A/C goes out. Opie and Anthony unavailable for a service call
Motivational tapes suck
Fight with a douchebag caller
Don runs the golf cart at his kid's school fundraiser
Don meets the British neighbors
Mike has too much day with Steve Johnson
Mike does production work for the station
Is Big Don O'Brien on or off the sauce?
Callers are certain they know the secret sound--but not enough to risk a tattoo

7/3/2012 14:00:25 - by D&M Fan
Show of hands: How many of you would LOVE to go to a school
fundraiser and see Don Geronimo driving the courtesy golf
cart? I would fake a disability just for the opportunity to
harass him! Lucky for Don, his kid has long since graduated
and he's moved to Sacramento, so our paths will never cross.
But SacTown residents will want to listen to this show and
take notes: you may get lucky some day! Other highlights of
today's show include the first mention of Sarah and Gary,
Don's crazy Brit neighbors who will become regular topics of
upcoming shows in 2000 and 2001; the search for the person
who spilled coffee on the control board; and the guy is so
effing confident that he knows the secret sound that he
agrees to get "I'm a Idiot" tattooed on his forehead if he
answers incorrectly. SPOILER ALERT!!!! He guesses "It's some
type of staple gun." Idiot.

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