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PaintYourBaldSpot.com > 2005 Podcasts > 071105-1.mp3
7/11/2005 - Segment 1 | views (7886) | comments (11) | add comment
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Mon July 11, 2005: In Memoriam
Freda was killed in a head-on auto collision on Sunday afternoon. Don is off, but
Mike, Robb, Buzz, BA and Joe are in-studio to offer rememberances and share
their grief.

1/27/2011 10:30:26 - by Jables
Frieda's passing part 1.

2/11/2011 18:11:07 - by :(
sad. cant listen to this, stopping at 2:45

2/11/2011 18:12:59 - by mcfadone
it's working for me...you getting any errors?

8/11/2011 16:59:02 - by Jeff
Sad Stuff, but I'm living in Los Angeles as a writer now and whenever I need inspiration I listen to these podcasts. Thanks so much for putting these up man, I grew up with D&M.

9/7/2011 14:20:02 - by jeff mcjables
jeezuz... who cares. it's just a show.

7/30/2012 07:05:18 - by Brian
They're still people, asshole.

7/22/2013 21:03:55 - by Andy Howard
Sad day indeed, I looked up on Wikipedia for TD&MS and saw
that FWS died. Never got the chance to hear the show that day
until now. Thanks PYBS for archiving it.

8/9/2013 18:07:21 - by Heather
Jeff, that is pretty heartless. Freda was a human being, not
"just a show." Friggin' idiot.

12/5/2013 16:04:00 - by justin
loved the show and the guys. loved when freda put the guys in their place.

7/30/2014 01:39:59 - by Travis Graham
If you listened, they were all like family. I remember to this
day, sitting practically in shock at work listening to this
episode. Very tragic.

7/20/2015 02:08:53 - by Diana
Last week was the TENTH anniversary of Freda's death, if you
can fucking believe that. Will always remember this day,
listening and grieving, and also knowing it would mean a
premature end to the show.

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