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12/11/1985 The Morning Zoo with Don and Mike begins on WAVA

Summer 1988 The Prime Time Video Zoo aired weekly at 8pm on the local CBS affiliate WUSA for several weeks.

June 1991 WAVA 'sold to the Christians',

Oct. 1st, 1991 Don and Mike Show begins on WJFK

December 2, 1991 Buzz Burbank joins the show

April 2nd, 1992 Robb Spewak's first show

Dec. 22, 1993 First annual presentation of "It's a Wonderful Life" by the D&M Players, with a mammoth script adapted by Robb Spewak.

December 16, 1994 the program broadcast live from the El Dorado Casino in Reno, Nev.

Dec. 22, 1994 Second annual presentation of "It's a Wonderful Life" by the D&M Players, script edited down by Robb Spewak from last year.

In June 1995, Don Geronimo was arrested by undercover officers of the Fairfax County Police Department for attempting to buy 1.7 grams of cocaine. Don Geronimo entered a guilty plea but was allowed deferred adjudication and was sentenced to one year's probation by Fairfax Circuit Court judge David T. Stitt on March 20, 1996 while he sought treatment for his addiction.

June 17, 1995 Live In Wichita

June 21, 1996 Live In Wichita

12/11/1995 10th Anniversary show

1996 Nude Olympics at White Tail Resort in Ivor, VA (Sex Pies and Videotape)

On August 5, 1998, Don Geronimo was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and driving under the influence of a narcotic, and was found guilty of marijuana possession by Judge Lorraine Nordlund in Fairfax General District Court on December 2, 1998. Judge Nordlund suspended Don Geronimo's driver's license for six months, gave him a 30-day suspended jail sentence, and sentenced him to a year of probation.

December 14, 1999 the show called an El Cinezo, Tex. city council woman and lampooned the community's decision to conduct official business in Spanish. The FCC fined Infinity Broadcasting ,000, the minimum amount, for "willful violation of Section 73.1206 of the Commission's rules, the unauthorized broadcast of a telephone conversation."

2001 The show moves to middays

Sept. 11th, 2001 The show airs from WNEW in NYC, broadcasting live coverage of the day's events. It appears they broadcast from New York until Oct 26, 2001 when they return to DC.

Aug. 21, 2002 The last day of midday shows

Sept. 3rd, 2002 The show returns to afternoons

July 2003 the Don and Mike Show collaborated with Brocket 99 radio station to promote the self-deprecating humour of Ernie Scar, a supposedly Native American aboriginal that stereotypes life on the local reserve nearby. A 2005 documentary titled "Brocket 99 - Rockin' the Country", by Nilesh Patel illustrates this point by raising the issue in an effort to bridge the cultural divide. However, the segments featuring Brocket 99 on Don and Mikes' Radio show triggered no public outcry.

February 3, 2004, a pair of expletives ("bullshit" and "masturbation") spoken by Geronimo was not censored by the usual delay, resulting in a shakeup of the show. The show was subsequently suspended for two weeks.

February 20, 2004, their first show after suspension was an all-music show.

June 1, 2004 Beth Ann McBride begins producing

June 22, 2004 Mike's 45th birthday (show on break at this time, but they discuss it during the previous week)

Somewhere in 2005 Beth Ann McBride leaves to produce shows in Greensboro, NC

July 10, 2005 Freda dies in an automobile accident. Following her death, Don was on hiatus leave from the show

August 1, 2005 Don returned to the air with an emotional solo broadcast.
August 2, 2005 marked the return of the "normal" show.

2006 Show goes on extended hiatus as Don needed time to grieve Freda's death

Nov 10, 2006 Best-of episode due to technical problems

Mon Nov 13, 2006 Ongoing issues with phones, Don snaps and the gang walk out. The rest of the show is best-of segments.

Nov. 14th to 24th 2006 Best-of episodes

Jan 2, 2007 The show returns with an explanation of why they were off (Don quit because of anger issues and continued bereavement. Don, et al, agree to take the rest of the year off to chill)

May 23, 2007 Jail Time For Man Who Threatened Geronimo A Leesburg man pleaded guilty in Fairfax County Court on Monday to a misdemeanor charge of stalking in connection with a January incident in which WJFK-FM afternoon host Don Geronimo (aka Michael Sorce) received a letter that allegedly contained threats to himself and his family. According to court documents, Carl R. Grossman originally faced a felony charge. He was given a one-year jail sentence with 10 months suspended, followed by a year of probation and a period of supervised mental health care. The judge also issued a lifetime restraining order on Grossman, who had once been a frequent caller on "The Don And Mike Show."

Feb. 4, 2008 WJFK-FM announced that Geronimo's last day would be May 30, 2008 (later moved up)

March 13, 2008 Last live regular episode

Week of April 7 (Monday), 2008 Buzz & Robb host 20-year retrospective episodes

Apr. 11 (Friday), 2008 Final show

April 14, 2008 to Friday, July 17, 2009 The Mike O'Meara Show began on WJFK. After one week, Beth Ann McBride returned to produce the show.

Assembled from an old revision of the Wikipedia page on the Don and Mike Show,, episodes of the show, and various articles sourced largely from the same wiki page.

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