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Mon Aug 15, 2005: Festive but Not Fun
Technical problems in the studio
Moron BA's love interest
Bart dries the pile of damp towels
More talkers in movie theaters
Some Internet teeny-weeny posted Don's home address
Mike's angry, festive Friday night and weekend of apologies, and I own the place and goddamn it if I want to get behind the bar and serve myself, I'll do it
Mike's bad time in Atlantic City
News scan
Arnold on 60 Minutes recap and tapes

4/18/2009 02:39:55 - by e.rothstein
Segments like this are missed! Is there any way to get the rest of this episode or
is that it?

4/20/2009 09:29:27 - by mcfadone
Sorry that's all I have... wish there was more!!!


5/12/2009 07:06:15 - by NitroPugs
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.........if I'd get off my ass and 'digitalize' the HOURS and HOURS of Don and Mike I have in a bag somewhere.........all on casette.....I would have a TON of shit to contribute to all of this. My shit is from Oct98' to March00' Motivate me people!!

5/12/2009 08:48:44 - by mcfadone
People ask me all the time if I have anything older... I wish I did! If you digitize them I'd gladly ad them to the site.

6/7/2009 00:23:12 - by Jason
Hey Mcfadone, is there anyway to download any of this?

6/7/2009 17:44:46 - by mcfadone

Try these:


6/10/2009 06:57:35 - by Jason
WOW is all I can say, I sir will forever be in your debt! Thank you so much, you are amazing.

7/6/2009 23:59:55 - by Drew
Would bj's motivate you NitroPugs? I need my Don and Mike.

7/7/2009 14:53:08 - by RubberBalls
Yeah, out with it NitroPugs! Please share your vintage D+M goodness with everyone. BJs, cash, whatever you need gentle person. Either that, or send the tapes to me an I'll digitize them. Go find yer sack of tapes der can doctor tapes...

7/13/2009 23:53:21 - by Thomas J Wilson
thank you! i wish i had all those grrrreat episodes from the 90s

7/15/2009 04:06:25 - by KB
Hey NitroPugs, I have tons of audio equipment and spare time. I would be happy to digitize your tapes and share them on the site. I was actually going to do so with all these segments if I wasn't able to download them and I plan on organizing the crap out of them all in iTunes. Let me know and we can contribute to the site...

7/15/2009 04:08:32 - by KB
mcfadone, is there a way to download ALL the files at once, or do you have to go individually? I'm sure I could write some Apple script or something to do so... Thanks! And THANKS so much for putting these files up. Absolutely amazing...

7/15/2009 08:56:54 - by mcfadone
did you try:

i thought they worked with i-tunes (to download them all)? i do not use i-tunes so i am not sure. if not email me and i'll send them to you on dvd. but you have to send a self addressed envelope and blank dvds - haha.


p.s. i would make them freely available, but all the downloading would crash my server...

10/28/2009 02:25:27 - by AJ
You can dl them with downloadhelper firefox extension...

5/11/2010 03:18:31 - by NitroPugs's been damn near a year and I found this post again.....and the 5-12-09 date. I DO need to digitize the old the very least to preserve them.....okay.....I'll get after it. A year later......

8/6/2010 08:22:38 - by regularschmoe
Bravo NitroPugs....let us know. We are all waiting with baited Dennis Murphy-like breath.

5/7/2015 07:55:51 - by Tom McTardo
Love the stories relating to Mike's happenings...comedy

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