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1 - 012500.mp3
Tues Jan 25, 2000: Snow Day Means J/O Day
The weather faggots are awful at predicting the weather
Mike Rockhead stays home j/o'ing during the "blizzard"
Broyhill's groupie calls in, and his dinner with Kate
Phone scan
Phoner with a garbage man who thinks an 8th day will be added to the week

11/12/2011 17:46:25 - by D&M Fan
It's another snowy day in D.C. and the WJFK staff, for the most part, has taken a snow day. But that's OK, Don and Mike are present and ready to entertain us. Probably the most entertaining portion of the opening segment is the revelation that ROBB had to cover the phones at the receptionist's desk until the show started. Oh, the toil! Don reveals the hierarchy for local TV reporters -- the ones filing their updates by the "the big pile of sand" is always the lowest of the low -- and his distain for "weatherwatchers" who report snowfalls in their backyard. Mike expresses his disgust with truckers and people who abandon their cars on the Beltway. Members of the D&M band of freaks take advantage of the blizzard to check in: Homo Joe, Dennis Murphy, Tom Gavin, Scooter from Mobile and Rob Grippey. Charlie Broyhill reports on his date with the lovely Kate, a date arranged and paid for by Don and Mike. Phone screener Mike Rockhead has declined to brave the blizzard, so D&M place several calls to check in on him (and possibly interrupt his afternoon of TV and JO-ing). Finally, we have one of Don and Mike's trademark calls to a senior citizen, a Mr. Louis Striggo who claims that he was told by the angel Gabriel that there will be an 8th day added to the week. Does that mean we'll finally get the 3-day weekends we've been promised?

7/27/2013 19:04:13 - by Patrick
larry King and Regis,,,, and Krusty the clown all in the first 10 seconds!!! classic radio!!! ,,,,, I love Don and Mike.....!

3/30/2018 19:21:19 - by Patrick
Have I been blocked?

3/6/2019 20:00:16 - by DebbieDowner
Unfortunately the segment with the gal that called in to stir the soup was
censored out by the person who donated these recordings. Still thankful we
have these recordings to listen to again.

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