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Fri June 2, 2000: Caveat Emptor
Phoner with Anthony Michael Hall
Mike O'Meara vs. Tim McWilliams
Mike gets screwed trying to buy a tanning bed
Asshole congressman drives over boy's foot, keeps going
I Was Married to Barry Manilow
LBJ (Bob Hope)

8/23/2012 13:15:19 - by D&M Fan
Fun show today. D&M open the show announcing a ban on the
"Joe Mama", "Deez Nuts" and "Jack Cassidy" calls. This opens
the door for a whole new group of callers, including the
"Mike Landis" guy. It seems that the entire D&M gang are on
the edge today. Case in point: Kindly Old Buzz goes at it
with Tim McWilliams about a spot that Tim refuses to sell.
Also, D&M historians will enjoy hearing the full story about
how Mike got screwed over by an eBay seller; and eBayers
will enjoy hearing about life before PayPal. Barry Manilow
fans will enjoy the focus on the singer (who is NOT a homo,
by the way), including Mike's hommage to Barry's greatest
hit during the Secret Sound game. Fabulous segment with Bob
Hope from his ICU bed; always the performer, Mr. Hope (who
did NOT get V.D. in Korea, by the way) delivers a world-
class performance despite being at death's door. The same
can NOT be said about Jessie, the dullard who called in to
play Low Budget Jeopardy and was unable to answer even ONE
question correctly.

7/6/2013 02:34:55 - by Dirty Petey
I was listening to the segment in which they dissect Barry
Manilow and short while later I saw a news piece on TV talking
about the singers July 4th 2013 performance on the National
Mall in DC. The man has staying power. Barry Manhole!

8/29/2021 19:11:34 - by Carrie A
Truly brilliant Bob Hope segment! Mike O’Meara earns his pay and
demonstrates how damn funny and talented he is.

8/30/2021 20:39:21 - by Patrick
I love absolutely the Don and Mike show,
and while Mike is a talented mimic he
never was driven.. Especially during this
time, with the wine ( gallons of Jamison)
women ( laura ) you would not know his
name @ without Donnie G. Mike was at best
a 4th rate Dj and holiday inn record
spinner. Karla homolka would be a 50 year
old house wife you never heard of without
Paul. Same with Mike o.. Donny Ocean, was
the magic sauce.

9/8/2021 18:16:20 - by billy reed
yo, dude, you don't look to have reached
your 10,000 hours of listening- especially if you're not
casually mentioning the more recent show incarnations.
There are plenty of shows on this site that could back up an
argument you'd care to make concerning certain pros/cons of
different show members. For instance, Mike's Deep Fat Fryer
Episode is an early peek at the MoM show/podcast {see:
irritability, ADHD, bullying} while Donni's KHTK show became
him rebuilding his entire cast from the ground up & having
them do all the same bits (Craig, Little Joe, Phantom a glovk
of course, & Dave SAC).Calling out C/Karla requires the
balance of DammitJanet. The show was a beautiful thing & it's
never coming back. Hell, listening to Ronnie B was nostalgic
for a second but there I've digressed. Anyway. The problems
with the D & M cast as humans are multifold. They all had the
chemistry to make some really awesome shows during a great
period that I wish had lasted forever but nothing does.
Seriously. Ask Chad Dukes.Altho guess who's back (& never
left) THE JUNKIES on TEEVEE. I miss Peter Rosenberg & The
Wedding Show.

9/12/2021 19:58:23 - by Pete Syverson
WHoa!!! The language on you! You blow your father with
that mouth?

9/12/2021 19:58:39 - by Pete Syverson
WHoa!!! The language on you! You blow your father with
that mouth?

6/10/2024 15:06:28 - by issues
does anyone know where the “this little girl had knockers!” come from?

6/10/2024 15:07:04 - by issues
i mean “has”

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