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1 - 040901.mp3
Mon Ajdury 9, 2001: The Don & Mike Show--In Color
The hellish flight home from NY
Bart's not-date gift and movie with a "friend"
Don's brit friend grabs Don's balls
Grilling Broyhill about his weekend in NY
Sopranos recap
Deprived of color tv as a child
Scooter from Mobile knows tv-trivia too
Why English is such a bitch to learn
Douchebag caller
Caller translates Robb's chinese tape
Hidden microphone records Bush (Mike) and the Chinese ambassador (Don)

9/10/2011 20:40:45 - by D&M Fan
MonDEE starts with stories of the trip home from NYC the Friday before; the Golden Boy's, via train, was a breeze, but the rest of the gang suffered through cancellations, airline staff indifference and delays. Weekend stories include a trip to the movies for Bart and his "not a date!" gal pal, dirty dancing with Don's crazy British neighbor Gary, and homoerotic rugby traditions. One lucky caller guesses the secret sound. Lots of Sopranos talk, which somehow leads to the D&M gang and a number of callers reminicing about the first TV program they ever saw in color. Funnies part of this segment is that Don's father refused to buy a color TV because he thought color broadcasting was a fad. Next, a prolonged segment about the Chinese language and Chinese proverbs, then a quick check in with the White House, where "GWB" is meeting with the Chinese premier about the spy plane conflict. Calls from Scooter, Homo Joe and a jerk who calls to yank Don and Mike's chain about their NYC ratings.

9/15/2012 10:43:56 - by jason
I see now what people who lived in cities whose stations edited the show
had to deal with. Its not the same show...sad.

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