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1 - 060401.mp3
Mon June 4, 2001: O&A Will Make a Contribution; Ken and Jeremy Will Make a Commitment
Don gets his hair cut at a beauty parlor
Bart's piano recital
Another Alan Leinwand sales metaphor
The Voice of Cancer from Wichita calls to complain about The Secret Sound
Teasing It's Raining Food
Entertainment news, and the greatness of One Life to Live, NASCAR
Joe Ardinger joins the Crap family of music
Dumb cunny complains about The Show, can't tune her own radio
Two strippers in-studio to pour champagne on each other, promote something

7/3/2011 14:35:48 - by D&M Fan
It's Mon-DEE and the guys have lots of weekend stories to share. Later, after a brief call with the slippery Ken Stevens, the most annoying woman in Kansas calls in to take issue with the Secret Sound contest. Next we are treated to a prolonged segment where the guys attempt to call unsuspecting newsmakers; there's no payoff, but the guys get to devote at least 10 minutes to playing fart sound effects. Then the guys take calls about One Life to Live and NASCAR and they make two big personnel announcements: Don has been named Program Director and Joe Ardinger has joined Mike's band CRAP as a back-up sound guy. Finally, two dancers from a local club stop by the studio to offer a two-girl champagne show.

8/1/2012 17:42:18 - by BM Eater.
Does anybody know what happened during these missing shows?
Where's Charlie and Lisa? Joe's phone screening and Don's the

5/13/2015 01:30:49 - by Mark
My memory is fuzzy of this era of the show. I think this is
where the Leah Remini thing hit the wall, after they tried to
make her an on-going "part" of the show. I listened ONCE and
she definitely was a monkey wrench. That might be part of the
missing episodes.

3/23/2018 02:08:31 - by patrick
The phone call from the c in kansas is in my top 3 bits of all
time from don and mike,,,, don was viciously funny. VERY!!!!
the rest of the show was extremely lacking. I almost turned it
off,,, tedious,,,,,

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