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1 - 100501.mp3
Fri Oct 5, 2001: And a Bad Case of The French Disease
Newsmaker of the Week (Cal Ripken Jr.)
Everyone buys their balls, order shirts
Back to school night, and what Bart will have to do this year in English lit
Red Robin sells a "Jack Diamond" burger
LBJ (Bob Barker)
Some guy in-studio to deliver Gorshin's cigarettes, plug his website
Pinto, Flounder and other pledges to some frat in-studio to be photographed with D&M
Charlie Stossel
Pick the Pros with Jerry Glanville

4/6/2011 09:22:46 - by D&M Fan
Don recaps his experiences at Bart's parent teacher conference the night before; the guys finalize their plans for the new bowling team, "The Gutterballs"; there's a general scramble to plan a special treat when a caller reminds the guys that Buzz has a birthday that weekend. Bob Barker is the LBJ guest. Charlie Stossel drops in to review "Max Keeble's Big Move", "Serendipity", "Training Day", and "Joy Ride". Former NFL coach Jerry Glanville calls in to help the guys "Pick the Pros Until They Scab and Bleed" for the weekend's football games. The Buzzcast is full of stories of freakish world's records. Fun!

3/6/2013 15:29:23 - by Steve
Per the line "there's a general scramble to plan a special treat when a caller reminds the guys that Buzz has a birthday that weekend." I am the caller who reminds the guys that it was Buzz's birthday. Found this yesterday and couldn't believe I was hearing it again...used to listen to D&M all the time and I miss them so much!

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