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1 - 011703.mp3
Fri January 17, 2003: What Would You Do?
Best-of: Dennis can't hear the crickets, Robbay announces the Redskins
New (NFC championship show from WYSP in Philly):
Meeting with manic Tim Sabien, the Toy Poodle
What Would You Do for Eagles Tickets I:
Diane smears peanut butter and has husband/chihuahuas lick it off
Moose drinks a gallon of green milk and vomits very loudly and repeatedly
Phoner with The Most Powerful Woman in Sports, who picks Tampa and Oakland. Dumbass Don bets Jim $500 against him in each game.
What Would You Do for Eagles Tickets II:
Joe eats blended Astroturf/olive oil off of bestFriend's girl
Steve and Chris pour karo syrup on selves in a pool, get feathered
Justin lets D&M pelt him with eggs, eats own shirt
Jim wears a diaper full of chocolate pudding, corn and peanuts
Telecon with Joe Buck.
What Would You Do for Eagles Tickets III:
Dave taunts crowd over bullhorn with anti-Eagles rhetoric
Brian (Drunk Eagles' Fan) rides a clown bicycle into a newspaper vending machine
Rob eats a cheesesteak, vomits, eats it again
Steve blends all things green and eats it
Mike gets his John Thomas pierced
Dana and Devin shave and wash

2/3/2011 13:36:15 - by Jables
Remote show from Philadelphia, What would you do for Eagles vs. Buc's tickets? contest gets underway, the uptight Tim Sabian, awesome vomiting milk drinker, Phoner with Jim Nantz, Phoner with Joe Buck, contest winner is the megahorn guy!

1/16/2015 12:55:06 - by D&M Fan
The Drunk Eagles Fan was robbed!!! But the bullhorn guy
really sold his act; I'm just sorry that the Eagles were
BLOWN OUT by the Bucs that weekend. Then again, as a life-
long Redskins fan... I'm not *really* that sorry.

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