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Fri February 28, 2003: Black HistoryMonth
Best-of: the Re-invented Dennis Murphy, the Bean Queen phoner
Don & Rob tease the Vegas trip
David Letterman's shingles
Don's ball-cheese, toe fungus
Jailhouse terms, Oxymoron list
LBJ (Robert Blake)
James Brown (Fox NFL) phoner
Robert the Angry Mailman in-studio

2/21/2011 13:48:07 - by Alex

*Snow storm blows through, resulting in Don staying at a hotel for the night. Letterman has the shingles. Don and Robb (with his wife, Carrie) are going to Las Vegas for the weekend.
A dude calls in about having the flesh eating virus in the crotch, which then leads Don to talk about picking ''ball cheese'' off of his scrotum during his stay at the hotel.

*Various callers, prison slang, black wigs, and a list of oxymorons.

*Live from his jail cell, it's Low-Budget Jeopardy with Robert Blake.

*James Brown from Fox NFL Sunday. Indeed!

*While Don and Robb leave early to make their flight to Las Vegas, Mike stays behind to celebrate Black History Month (on the last day of February) with Robert the Angry Mailman.

*And Buzz with the news. Sorry, we're out of time!

2/21/2011 14:38:33 - by mcfadone
also a belcher open...

3/6/2023 03:37:21 - by brucedickhamster
This was a GREAT example of history repeating itself. Things
seem totally normal & are cruising along beautifully until
Don (& Robb) leave. the entire Robert the Angry mailman
segment may as well be shown in history books as a great
character study. Mike doesn't play well with others, unless
it's Don, & that's because Mike actually defered to Don,
knowing he was superior, knowing Don was the straw that
stirred the drink. Mike, with all his "college theater", is
still somehow the worst improv actor in the easiest medium
for improv to exist as possible. Still. Mike is a cranky
stupid bloated crybaby bully bitch with a coxcomb waddle, and
continues to be one; so insecure in his masculinity because
he is submissive and flailing in his supposed "career craft"
that he lashes out and is a hack on 'script drugs. Poor
abandonment issue alcoholic baby. His trophies are starting
to tarnish as he becomes the things he reviled for years, the
ghosts of zieger & jeff christie & kathie lee now cackle at
Mike's gray Jabba Rolls, worse than an Imus cowboy hat that
at least pulled a salary from being on teevee. Carla is
laughable, her value is apparently in her youth... which I
guess is still somewhere around Florida being sold off in
increments online trading off with a business idea of a D-
Level "cameo" site. Mike's delusional bi-polar parenting will
show surely in another five years or so, exactly how
hilariously fucked up his daughters are is real housewives
level of overly spoiled, emotionally neglected suffering from
eternal melodramatic needing & whinging (well, actually
sounds like the actress is the prettyputuponmess and the
other is a more practical and blunt- and both of them seek
older men)- Little (DAMIEN) Michael already shows a sly smirk
as he understands him & Mommy are on a team awaiting the
windfall they've been waiting for when their real life
begins, plus no signs of being the "brilliant, sensitive"
projections Mike hoghlights in neon for "show material".
Recently, if Robb hadn't almost died (now TWICE, apparently,
unless the radio stunts never die) I woulda quit listening. I
do seek out some of the BEAUTIFUL Mikeless episodes of
MoMSpod, where Robb & Oscar show a beautiful chemistry, I've
always enjoyed them together it is such a great combination,
a nice actual balance. An honest one that is pleasant to
listen to, and always funny and well paced.
Don's show has hit a stride, and even though his sidekick
"ANDY" is a complete clowntown, Don's show is enjoyable and
moves well. And Don's treatment of AndyCrash doesn't make me
cringe like Mike does just expostulating like the lame
windbag he is. Same at KHTK, at first Doni sounded lame and
empty, but a sall time later sac-dave, craig, phantom, etc...

The best part is you get to watch the deterioration of a
chronic alcoholic in Mike, these early "happy" shows that
still show interesting cracks of performance facade, never,
ever losing weight. Never ever having discipline. Just
consumption, anything to spend money on the promises of
equipment/location/personaltrainers and finally, DRUGS
(Mike's fav)-

The chains we form in life then laugh off about Dad Grass.
About a man who has pickled and pharmed out his brain and
body while he whines and complains about the dangers of poor
Mike Elston. Poor Billy Cleary. Loutard. Rob Grippe. Guess
what Mike Sean Pat? You might as well smoke crack. I listen
to these old shows like anyone who has lost someone to
substance. You try and remember the glimmering good times
while being reminded of the road & path that was right in
front of your nose the whole time.

Inject yourself with that karma, you connecti-cunt. You're a
laughing stock performing on a playground for peanuts for
existing in the memories of people who still have an amount
of disposable income to throw to a feel-good charity that
does nothing but harm.

I'll hang up & listen

5/20/2023 02:39:58 - by Honolulu Lou
“Okay, just cool it. Life is a breeze. Of course, some breezes as you know at 110
mph and get promoted up to hurricanes...I just thought I'd pass that along.”

5/21/2023 00:30:57 - by Patrick

Mike begs for money every episode, yet talks about his
lavish lifestyle, from gambling, heavy drinking, golf
everyday, a new yearly studio remodel. Little Mikey's School
tuition is 30k a Year. And let's not forget the second house
in Maine. The tmos show never starts on time, starting time
starts anywhere between 9am till 3 pm , depending on Mike's
various Dr appointments or chasing the little white ball.
Mike is mostly disinterested in any contact with the tmos
audience and the talking Head segment is boring!

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