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1 - 060203.mp3
Mon June 2, 2003: The Hater
The Days of Don's Life: the celebrated, 1-hour commercial-free, adopted-family raveout
Bart's graduation bash
Mike "the Hater" takes his kids to see "Finding Demo"
Mike: we're all groomed to be food

3/16/2011 16:55:38 - by Jables
belcher opening. Don talks about how crappy his adoptive family is/was. Don recaps his weekend with Bart's graduation party. Mike talks about his horrendous attempt about going to see "Finding Nemo". Retard discussions. News and comments.

12/2/2011 00:30:47 - by Murf
I love the segments where Don talks about his bad experiences with his adoptive family, not because I enjoy his misery, I don't. But it's comforting to know that there is a real person with real world problems speaking to us, instead of some childish shock jock or a corporate yes-man, there is enough of that shit on the radio, TV, and at work. It's comforting to know that there is a real person who is HONEST. Sometimes Don and Mike say or do things that piss me off or with which I disagree, but I find myself continuing to listen to them via this awesome site, partially because I'm curious as to what they will say, but mainly because I like the brutal honesty. God Bless the Don and Mike show; what a shame it's gone :(

7/16/2012 21:35:33 - by issues
It's pretty shocking how horrible Don's adopted family is/was, but damned if it
doesn't make for some of the best radio you'll hear.

Mike nails it with his prediction of the fourth Indiana Jones has having Indy
being old and a "young upstart" playing his son. Did he know how horrible it
would be?

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