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1 - 080105.mp3
Mon Aug 1, 2005: Don Alone
Don is in-studio by himself to share memories, observances, and thanks.
Reruns: local emmy nominations

1/14/2011 18:24:06 - by D&M Fan
I've tried for years to find a copy of this segment online -- I remember sitting in my car in the Safeway parking lot and bawling my eyes out as I listened to Don talk about his love for Freda. Thanks so much for posting for us.

1/18/2011 01:07:00 - by Andy Zink
Hey everyone, just so you know, Don's segment doesn't start till 10 minutes in... And trust me, you'll be glued in for the whole way, the heaviest tear jerker of all time...

1/19/2011 08:14:58 - by regularschmoe
This is a hard one to hear. God Blessed Mike and Janet...they found each other. Freda Wright Sorce a guiding angel. Stop with the drama more stage-diving!

7/4/2012 15:47:51 - by James
Do any of these go silent for anyone else for a while? I enjoy these shows but it does go silent

8/9/2012 14:43:47 - by howaboutthat
Miss you guys.

8/9/2012 14:44:51 - by isntthatsomething

10/10/2012 13:33:00 - by Issues
The show was never the same after this and for obvious reasons. I lived in
a town where there was no D&M when the accident happened, but heard
about it and felt like I had been punched in the gut. Being able to listen to
this brings it all back, but I am glad for the chance to hear this great
tribute and amazing piece of radio. No one does radio better than

2/7/2013 23:28:41 - by faaan222
Oh my lord do I remember this well. This was vastly under-
represented as far as a national conversation goes. Don
Geronimo had a very unique and personal relationship with his
listeners, something that ran alongside and also pre-dated
anything that we might call "reality TV" today. This might
have never been so well represented as in this broadcast.
We're talking about a true professional here, possibly in his
finest hour.

3/6/2013 04:51:56 - by sector7g
Pretty much grew up listening to D & M on WJFK back in the 90's. Actually met the guys at a release party/autograph signing one time. My treasured copy of "The World of Don and Mike", covered with their autographs, will be a family heirloom for (I hope) many many years to come. Long live the Radio Gods!

7/22/2013 21:56:19 - by Andy Howard
15:48 Give Me A Compliment Scene:

7/22/2013 22:52:01 - by Andy Howard
01:15:20 Essentially a Living Will/DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)

11/5/2013 12:27:45 - by Brent
I remember listening to this on my way into work for 2nd shift and literally calling in sick from the parking lot because I just couldn't cope. For lack of a better word, this was simply the best form of entertainment in any form I have ever experienced.

10/4/2023 12:48:20 - by BRick
Coming back to this 10 years from the last posts date. Just
had a pretty earthshattering event in my life and in our
friends circle and there is no easy coping. But it does me
well to hear Don try to begin his healing with his audience.
To anyone effected by tragedy this is a fantastic and gut
wrenching, real human on display and I bid you take it with
you. No better way to honor her and his strength.

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