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Thurs Ajdury 15, 2004: Absinthe Show III: Karaoke Queens
To protest not being invited to the company's Ice Cream Social, Don, Mike and Buzz all procede to get drunk on absinthe cocktails
D&M announce they won't be going to New York for the HBO fight, will send Joe instead
American Idol recap
Phoner with Vic Tiffany, veep of some hotel/casino in Atlantic City
The mood grows dark as D&M sing, take calls, talk to coworkers

10/9/2015 20:48:48 - by Fish
I listen to the recordings every day in order so its hard for me to keep up with shows I want to comment on but this one I earmarked!

Take this with the grain of salt that I am in fact a HUGE D&M fan. This episode showcases one of the strongest quirks Don has that sticks in my craw. His Machismo. Its no different when someone approaches the subject of Don getting a vasectomy, he flips out and defends his masculinity.

In this episode the gang is in protest of the stations "ice cream social". First in the cross hairs is the faggit term "ice cream social" where seemingly Don will be subjected to sodomy by sales staff in village people costumes waving a rainbow flag. He keeps driving the phrase into the ground rejecting the idea on principle. That and the fact that if it comes from Alan, its automatically wrong. Had Alan called the party Absinthe Stripper Parade, the gang would have vilified him for his attempt to be their "pal". So, bottoms up, lets drink, Buzz brought hooch!

This is where I think Don truly shows his vulnerability. Don is hyper aware of the fact that booze will lessen his edge, and this show is no exception. He resists the first drink, oddly enough, Mike and Buzz have to coax him into a real pull of his cup, which he fakes several times. He staunchly rejects the idea that he could even be buzzed from the liquor and his annoyance at the notion keeps RAMPING HIGHER as the show progresses. I was a drunk and grew up in a family of drunks, I can hear it in your voice when you've had a few drinks, ill bet the band and Don was evident after the first drink.

As he progress to two then three drinks, he begins to loosen up, sing songs karaoke style and brood over "ice cream social". Where it really gets good is when people bust his balls and he belligerently screams his raspy retorts. All the while continuing to deny the effects of alcohol and insist that after 4 he simply has, a little buzz. Burbank is a unabashed cheap date and Mike is a seasoned pro.

all in all, an excellent show, random phone scans brought genuine laughs to the guys with American Idol Randy impressions in response to Dons singing.

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