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Wed May 12, 2004: Doni's Amphibian Bus
Meeting with another Infinity exec

5/14/2015 19:40:25 - by D&M Fan
Additional show highlights:
* "Kansas" had fewer hits than "Foreigner"
* The next-to-last episode of "24" for the season left a
lot of unresolved issues
* The "Dick Van Dyke" reunion show was unbearably lame
* "American Idol" is unnecessarily cruel..and fantastic
* D&M and Buzz have a serious conversation about the war
in Iraq, beheadings and Abu Ghraib prison abuses
* A phoner with a gal who is going to be on the Ryan
Seacrest TV show; of course, the Radio Gods have an
assignment for her
* Doni talks about a FOX show in production called
"SuperStar USA" which sounds unnecessarily cruel...and
* An in-studio visit by Charly (LOVE HIM!) to interview
some guy in Wisconsin about rising ice cream prices...and
a "meeting of the minds" with Tom Gavin
* A classic Don and Freda argument prompted by Freda's
interest in buying a new car
* A discussion about the "3,000-mile oil change" scam
with a special guest appearance by the *real* car expert
Pat Goss (not a Mike impression)
* Don plays a game with samples of 1960s Coca-Cola
jingles sung by pop stars
* And finally, Buzz's "kicker" reveals the shenanigans
of some frat boys at the U of New Hampshire...some things
never change...

Good day to you, sir!

11/6/2015 01:00:06 - by Fish
D&M Fan, every time I scroll through the episodes to comment on a day I found interesting, you have preceded me with amazing detail. You are truly THE fan.

The last few days of the show have really had me thinking about the events of the last 10 years. Sometimes it give perspective to look back on old newspaper headlines to see what the news of the day was or what we were concerned about then. These few years of the show, post 9/11, I feel, are good examples of americana and the turning point of a generation. Just think about the little things they discuss day to day, it makes me laugh.

Cell phones
"your in a bad cell"
"Frida is doing this stupid 'text message' thing"
buying a ring tone for 1.99 is cutting edge.
America Online
"netflix is the dumbest idea" Doni says to Frida
Mista 40 and Robert discussing their SUV's and 20's. ohhhhh the status of 20" rims.
We are all "gung HO" about catching Osama Bin Ladin
Get us out of Iraq!

Its amazing. Cell phones in the next few years will evolve into the most advanced devices we own.

Gas dwarfs $5.00 a gallon one summer

We dont even get close to Bin Ladin for 10 years.

We capture and see the execution of Sadam Husein

We are still in the desert.

Spinners came and left just as fast and 20" rims are just stuff off the showroom floor now.

America Online? HA, bad cell? pshhhhh, texting?! it will never catch on. and Netflix! who is going to stop going to the video store...

The last 15 years have been something.

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